Sample Data Visuals

Call Times

Emergency calls peak at 3:00 - 4:00 PM!

Severity of Calls

Most emergency calls are either potentially life-threatening or non life-threatening.

Outcome of Calls

The "other" category includes "unable to locate," "gone on arrival," and "no merit." A code 2 transport is an urgent response to an emergency. A code 3 transport is a non-urgent response to a non-emergency.

Most Likely Dispatch Type At Specific Time and Location

Submit the address and the time of a potential emergency and we'll tell you what type of dispatch is most likely to be called. To get accurate information based on sample data, ensure that your address is in San Francisco.



Areas with Longest Dispatch Times

Here are the areas that take the longest time to dispatch to on average:

Here's how we can reduce this:

  • One thing that I noticed about the emergency calls in the sample data that took especially long for dispatch was that these calls often occured between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am. Increasing the amount of people available for dispatch during these times would help.
  • Another thing I noticed was that a lot of these emergency calls were deemed to not be an immediate emergency. Because 911 prioritizes emergencies, it's possible that a situation that can wait will not get immediate attention. A way to fix this is to provide a secondary pool of people to help out with non-time-sensitive issues.